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About The Edwardsville Care Closet


The mission of Edwardsville's Care Closet is to provide the essentials for all low-income students so they can spend more time focused on schoolwork and educational activities. Originally, the Care "Closet" was a couple of lockers spread throughout a middle school, stocked with shelf stable foods. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea was made a reality in hopes that it would give students access to more food that they may need. Eventually, the idea was sought out by school counselors who planned to make it bigger. The Care Closet began to receive donations and located a new space to store it all. 


The Care Closet was founded by Veda Kommineni in 2021. During the COVID pandemic, Veda noticed many of her peers were struggling financially. Many students received 2 of their 3 meals from schools daily, and D7 was no longer providing lunch in 2021. After graduating middle school, she decided to file for official non-profit status and created a club with the same mission at Edwardsville High School.

The Edwardsville Care Closets have raised 


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6161 Center Grove Road

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