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Veda's Care Closet was founded by two students in Edwardsville, IL. With the help of their community, they were able to collect over $1000 worth of donations within their first year!


Veda Kommineni


"A good education is a foundation for a better future" Elizabeth Warren once said. Even in a thriving community, many of our fellow students are faced with the challenge of acquiring basic necessities. Our goal is to prevent the struggle initially. Veda's Care Closet provides students with nutritious meals to ensure focus during school hours, allowing the students to better themselves and their future. I believe we should leave the world a little bit better than we found it; through this organization, I hope to do so. 

Caroline James


Giving back to my community has always been one of my top priorities. I strongly believe in a child's right to an education. At Veda's Care Closet we help to ensure that no matter the student's social status, they have the opportunities to succeed in class and in life. By providing food and other basic necessities, students will no longer have to worry when they will get their next meal. Instead, they can focus on getting their education. 

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