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Edwardsville High School Donations

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Veda's Care Closet is starting a new chapter at Edwardsville High School. To have a sustainable amount of products, we're calling our community to help!

After a semester of planning, Veda Kommineni and Caroline James successfully organize Veda's Care Closet at their high school.

With the COVID setbacks, the closet has taken longer to get started than the girls initially thought.

“There's so many kids at EHS, which means so many of our classmates could need necessities.”

Transitioning from a middle school to high school has been a challenge for Veda's Care Closet. Edwardsville High School is much bigger and the team was tasked with the decision t continue. After having sizeable outreach initially, founders began to wonder if it would linger in a school with 2500 students.

With hopes of keeping the motion going long after the founders have graduated, Veda Kommineni says "We've decided to start our own club. We want to involve more classmates and receive more input."

Caroline James adds "Turning the Care Closet into a club would allow us to have a bigger outreach in our school community. it also allows students to be more involved with what is going on at the Care Closet."

The club’s goal will be to provide students at Edwardsville High School with the basic necessities needed to enable them to get the most out of their education. Club Members will help out with food and donation drives, organizing inventory, and finding new and inventive ways to benefit the community.

"This club is a great opportunity to volunteer and to give back to your community. Anyone interested can come to one of our meetings. We welcome all and appreciate your continued support." James and Kommineni state.

Get Inspired

Veda's Care Closet is hoping to expand throughout the States. If anyone is interested in organizing one at their school, please contact

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