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Candles for a Cause is an organization with hopes of enriching life-skills for students with disabilities, while encouraging cooperation with other of different abilities. 

Mission Statement: Enriching students in our community with real life, hands- on learning experiences for students across the board.


Vision statement: we want to see younger kids get involved in their community from a young age, while using their motor skills in community-based activities.


Candles for a Cause hosts monthly workshops, in which students, families, and friends are invited to attend a session to manufacture candles. All the money goes back into the program, making it a sustainable activity for children of different abilities. 


Candles for a Cause was founded by the Kommineni siblings. Both passionate about disability awareness, the two founded the organization in 2022 with the support of their community. 

Vishnu, age 11, wants to help out his community in a positive way.

"I can't wait till we get to start this. I hope a lot of my friends can come and I hope to make new ones. I'm excited to help out others!"

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